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Wanted: Apartment for Sept or Oct 2009.

 I am looking for an apartment 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 - 500 dollars or less per month. Must have fridge and stove, be heated and lit and permit cats.

E-mail: iamthekittyqueen [at] gmail [dot] com

Je cherche un appartement 1 ½ ou 2 ½ 500$ par mois ou moins. Doit avoir frigidaire et four, être chauffé/éclairée et permettre les chats.

Courriel: iamthekittyqueen [at] gmail [dot] com

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Returning to school with mental health issues...


I'm returning to school at Heritage College this Fall and in order to prepare for my return to studies I met with the school cousellor.

I have several mental health issues that could and probably will affect my behaviour in class as well as my attendance. I know I will succeed in the program but I know that I will experience bumps along the way.

I was asked for a report from a psychiatrist making specific suggestions to the school as to how to "handle" me and my health issues. I understand why they want this but my problem now is getting this paperwork.

The school does not require it but due to the fact my health issues can affect attendance it is extremely important I get that paperwork to validate any absences that may occur over my studies.

I've abandoned my GP (who is in Ottawa) because she manages to shrug off everything I tell her, and has ignored important details ina  psychiatrist report I got back in 2007. So, right now I'm stuck without a doctor...

What is the best and most expedient way to see a psychiatrist to get this specialized report? It would also be good if I could get an updated full evaluation report as well for student loans and other purposes.


OK, OK, new-Spock is kinda hot.

I went to see the new Star Trek movie, which was lots of fun and felt true to the original in a lot of ways, if a bit less epic than I was expecting.

One scene that struck me as a bit of a wimp-out on the part of the filmmakers was when the crazy Romulans were interrogating Capt. Pike, I totally thought we were going to have a waterboarding scene, and then they went the old Wrath of Khan bug of doom route. I mean, Romulan and Republican even both start with R, and Nero was even dealing with a planet-shattering (imploding? swallowing?) catastrophe and looking for someone to blame.

And to touch upon the themes dealt with in most blog reviews of the film so far, the new Spock actor, Zachary Quinto, is by far the cutest of the bunch.
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So I just moved here...

Bonjour, mon anglais est meilleur que mon francais, si je vais ecrire cette message en anglais...

...which is part of the problem. I just moved to Gatineau a few months ago, because of a job offer, and I figured it would be educational to live on the Quebec side of the river. Unfortuantely, I haven't really managed to meet anyone since moving here, let alone find a way to improve my French (that doesn't involve paying at least $500).

Does anyone have any suggestions for meeting people? Also, are there any inexpensive ways to find a French conversation partner or practice group? Any reasonable advice would be welcome.

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Wanted: apartment for april 2009

Responsible, single, 25 year old female looking for an apartment for April or July 2009.

Must be:
- Located in Gatineau, Hull or Aylmer.
- All inclusive
- Cat friendly
- Close to public transport
- Close to a laundromat or provide laundry facilities
- Near grocery store.
- Near pharmacy.
- Under 500$ per month

Femme responsable de 25 ans qui cherche un apartement pour le mois de Avril ou Juillet 2009.

- Etre a Gatineau, Hull ou Aylmer.
- Tous inlut.
- Permettre les chats.
- Pres du transport publique.
- Pres d'une buanderie
- Pres d'une epicerie.
- Pres d'une phamacie.
- Sous 500$/mois
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Looking to adopt a female kitten

I am looking for the right female kitten to adopt.

I already own a male cat who is under a year old. He's fixed, and well taken care of. However he needs a companion for play time.

Main things you need to know about me are:
1) When I adopt an animal it is for their whole life and they become my baby and a family member.
2) I have health problems which means I am pretty much always home which means the new baby will get lots of love and attention.

Anything else you need to know about myself, and the loving home I intend to provide for the right female kitten that comes along just ask.

Lastly, I don't have easy access to transportation so you would have to be willing to deliver a kitten to me. I live in Hull, Quebec really close to the 3rd exit (RTE-148 O/Boul. du Casino) of the 5N highway.
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Looking for Housing -- A la recherche pour un logement

We are 2 young women in our twenties, non-smokers looking for a large bachelor or a 1 bedroom apartment all inclusive in the area of Gatineau or Hull. Must cost less than 500$ and accept cats. Thank you!
Nous sommes 2 jeunes femmes dans la vingtaine, non fumeuses a la recherche d'un bachelor assez grand ou 1 chambre tout inclus dans la région de Gatineau ou Hull. Doit être moins de 500$ et accepter les chats. Merci!

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Cherche un chaton / Looking for a kitten

Je cherche un chaton femelle qui a besoin d'un famille. Elle a besoin d'etre capable de manger de la nourriture solide. et d'utiliser la litiere. Elle doit etre capable de s'entendre avec d'autres chats. Faudrais que vous le livrez parce que je ne conduis pas.

I am looking for a female kitten who needs a home. She would need to be able to eat solid food, and use the litter box. She needs to be able to get along well with other cats. You would have to be willing to deliver because I do not drive.