Sappho's Daughter (sapphosdaughter) wrote in gatineau,
Sappho's Daughter

Returning to school with mental health issues...


I'm returning to school at Heritage College this Fall and in order to prepare for my return to studies I met with the school cousellor.

I have several mental health issues that could and probably will affect my behaviour in class as well as my attendance. I know I will succeed in the program but I know that I will experience bumps along the way.

I was asked for a report from a psychiatrist making specific suggestions to the school as to how to "handle" me and my health issues. I understand why they want this but my problem now is getting this paperwork.

The school does not require it but due to the fact my health issues can affect attendance it is extremely important I get that paperwork to validate any absences that may occur over my studies.

I've abandoned my GP (who is in Ottawa) because she manages to shrug off everything I tell her, and has ignored important details ina  psychiatrist report I got back in 2007. So, right now I'm stuck without a doctor...

What is the best and most expedient way to see a psychiatrist to get this specialized report? It would also be good if I could get an updated full evaluation report as well for student loans and other purposes.


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